LIDAR is a method of using lasers to measure distances and create precise digital maps or 3D models of physical spaces. It's used in industries like urban planning, construction, and archaeology to create detailed maps, monitor progress, and reveal hidden historical features. LIDAR provides high-precision data to inform decision-making, improve efficiency and understanding of complex environments.


Contour mapping is a technique that shows a 3D object or terrain on a 2D surface. It uses contour lines to represent points with equal height, helping the viewer understand the shape and slope of the land. It's useful for planning outdoor activities and is used in fields such as cartography and engineering.


Orthophotography is distortion-free aerial photography used for accurate mapping and measurements of the Earth's surface. Rectifying aerial photos with photogrammetry generates precise 3D measurements and creates 2D images with a consistent scale. This makes orthophotos useful in various fields, including urban planning and environmental monitoring.


LIDAR uses lasers for 3D mapping, involving data acquisition, filtering, classification, segmentation, and visualization. Data is collected, filtered, classified into categories, segmented into individual objects, and then visualized in 3D maps. LIDAR data processing is effective for mapping and gathering environmental information.


Surface modeling creates 3D models in CAD used for industrial design, product development, and architecture. Designers start with a wireframe and add surfaces, edited with software tools. The result is colored, textured, and rendered for an attractive product. This technique creates complex, organic shapes, is easily edited, and produces high-quality surface finishes.


Volumetric analysis utilizes photogrammetry to measure and calculate the volume of an area. It's used in mining, construction, land management, and environmental monitoring. The data obtained is processed using software to create 3D models and maps. It's a precise method that helps estimate costs, plan projects, and manage resources more effectively. It also saves time and minimizes errors by reducing the need for manual measurements.

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